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Зачем учиться на преподавателя английского языка? - задаёт себе вопрос Rachel Goldschmidt, носитель английского языка.

rachel_g_317 Why have English majors? This is the point of view of The New Yorker, and I agree with it.

So why have English majors?
Well, because many people like books. Most of those like to talk about them after they’ve read them, or while they’re in the middle. Some people like to talk about them so much that they want to spend their lives talking about them to other people who like to listen. Some of us do this all summer on the beach, and others all winter in a classroom. One might call this a natural or inevitable consequence of literacy. And it’s this living, irresistible, permanent interest in reading that supports English departments, and makes sense of English majors.

Rachel Goldschmidt

Учиться произношению английских слов с носителем английского - слушайте аудиоурок, повторяйте за носителем.
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Rachel Goldschmidt:

Преподаватель английского языка Rachel Goldschmidt убеждена, что каждый можент научиться грамотно и понятно говорить по-английски.

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